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Experience strategy & design

We put people first, always.

Trends and technologies change, but the fundamental drivers of effective experience and design remain the same. It’s all about people. As a consulting and technology firm that built these capabilities organically based on client needs, Slalom gives you an integrated, end-to-end approach to creating experiences people love.

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Experience strategy & design
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AllianceRx Walgreens Prime: Bringing a new brand to life

Our experience strategy and design expertise

Customer & employee experience

To design differentiated experiences, we employ rigorous research methodologies to gain a deep understanding of the people you serve. Because while you can't predict the future in terms of technology, knowing what people need empowers you to make the right decisions over time.

Product strategy, design & innovation

Blending creativity with pragmatism and real-world experience, Slalom helps you evolve to meet customer needs, solve their challenging problems, and impact your bottom line. We set a clear product vision and support your product teams as they become more focused, thoughtfully organized, and agile.

Advertising & marketing transformation

A transformative shift to the cloud, along with tough new data privacy laws, has meant unprecedented change—and significant opportunities—across advertising and marketing. Our team identifies the capabilities, solutions, and infrastructure you need to make the most of this shifting landscape. 

Service design

We help you leverage smart service design to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and stay competitive. Together, we address user needs and differentiate services to boost customer satisfaction and drive loyalty—which are key to your business growth over the long term.

Brand strategy

A well-defined brand strategy is critical for delivering on your brand’s promise, and it’s most powerful when inspired by your customers. At Slalom, we focus on deeply understanding both your customers and the marketplace to help you shape a winning brand perception.

Contact center transformation

We offer a mix of deep contact center industry experience, technical know-how, and functional expertise. Our advisors help your team embrace new ways of working, powered by the latest technological solutions, and motivated by doing what’s right for both your customers and employees.

We partner with leading brands across our global network to deliver hundreds of experience design and strategy projects every year.

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Let’s solve together.