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Slalom HabLab

Investigating the human impacts of emerging technology

HabLab is a unique Slalom team dedicated to learning through rapid experimentation at scale. Our purpose is to generate insights that help our customers make the best possible decisions for their businesses. We study changes in the workplace and their effects on individuals and teams, with a focus on the human impacts on emerging technology.

From the neuroscience of teaming to AI-powered productivity, we’re learning how humans can thrive in the rapidly changing world of work. 

HabLab is dedicated to pioneering insights and practices that place individuals at the cutting edge of business innovation, driven by emerging technologies.  We envision a world where technology empowers everyone to reach their full creative and innovative potential, enabling everyone to thrive.

Michele Bleser
VP, Business Transformation, Slalom

Our focus

human relationship

Enable humans to thrive through emerging technology

As the workplace constantly shifts and evolves with emerging technology, the human impact is at the center of our research and experiments.


Develop thought leadership for new ways of working

We seek to drive meaningful dialogue through data-driven insights and share “how we did it” with our own employees to help customers.

eye vision

Help our customers see around corners

At the heart of our efforts, we help customers by providing insights for the betterment of people and cultures while sharing widely for anyone to utilize and learn.

Our partners

We leverage strategic partnerships with academic research organizations and others to accelerate and amplify our experiments and incubations.

Let’s solve together.